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Department of Mathematics

Prof. Kajal Kumar Mondal Professor & Head View
Dr. Sanjay Mallick Assistant Professor View
Dr. Rishi Raj Kairi Assistant Professor  


Staff of the Department of Mathematics
1 Jadu Saud Group D #

NB: # Agency Casual

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • M.SC. in Mathematics
  • Honours in Mathematics [ in the affiliated colleges, monitored by the Board of Studies (UG)]
  • Programme Course in Mathematics [in the affiliated colleges, monitored by the Board of Studies (UG)]

The faculty members of the department devote themselves to teaching, original research and different administrative works. In recent years, they have published important research papers in influential national and international journal of pure and applied mathematics. Department has introduced project work and seminar presentation based on special papers in its M.Sc. Syllabus so that the students can prepare themselves as a young researcher in the field of Mathematics. In addition to that faculty members are also guiding the students for the preparation of different state, national and international level examinations for various fellowships to pursue their research work and carrier advancement after the completion of the master degree.   Faculties of the department frequently attend national and international seminars and interchange their views and ideas on research. The department regularly arranges UG and PG board of studies meeting to discuss on the syllabus and related other matters on academic. The faculties of the department are also doing collaborative research work with national and international collaborators. One of the collaborator of Dr. Mondal is Dr. Niall Madden, Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland. Also, Dr. Mondal is a Co-investigator of a prestigious NBHM project of which Dr. Naresh M. Chadha, Associate Professor, Sharda University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh is the Principal investigator.


The Department of Mathematics started its journey from the session 2015 – 2017. In spite of deficiency in the faculty, it is a rare feat that we are able to run both “Pure” as well as “Applied” Mathematics as special papers. A continuous evaluation of the students, based on class tests, also helps in guiding the students to make a choice of their special paper. The students prepare a project work according to their special paper under the supervision of faculty members. The department has introduced MATLAB programming, a powerful software of Mathematics, which will not only instill a better understanding of the subject but also broaden their scope of research. The department is also going to start Ph. D. course from this year.


The Department of Mathematics, CBPBU is involving its research work in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Plasma Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Dynamical Systems, Advanced Complex Analysis and Fractional Calculus.  

The thrust area of research in the department includes value distribution of entire and meromorphic functions or Nevanlinna Theory, specifically the uniqueness problems of entire and meromorphic functions. Nevanlinna Theory is treated as one of few greatest mathematical events of the Twentieth Century and it has immense applications in various fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics such as Analytic Number Theory, Holomorphic Dynamics, Mathematical Logic, Gamma Lines in Physics etc. The prime interest in this direction is to solve the problems of unique range sets. Two set, Three-Set sharing problems are also being studied and at the same time, we use the notion of shift and difference operator to deal these problems so as to solve the most fundamental problems of uniqueness theory of entire and meromorphic functions. 

We also concentrate our research in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics to study the mass transport phenomena in steady and time-dependent (laminar or turbulent) flow because it has a wide range of applications in the fields of environmental fluid dynamics, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and physiological fluid dynamics. To control the contamination in a stream, or in atmosphere or coastal seas and to predict levels of accidental pollution, to create a chemical reaction design, to understand the pathological conditions in the cardiovascular system; the basic fluid dynamics becomes an interdisciplinary subject and it is developed by many researchers such as mathematicians, engineers, physicists, biologists, physiologists, and geologists. Also, the department is concerned with the analysis of numerical algorithms for the approximate solution of differential equations and solving singularly perturbed differential equations by finite element and finite difference methods. We are looking for exploring our research in the application of novel methods to real-world problems in numerical modeling. 

The department is also performing research works in the diversified fields of Mathematics such as  Dynamical Systems, Plasma Mechanics, Fractional Calculus and Basic Fluid Dynamics.



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