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Guidelines to fill Online Application Form

University Guidelines for the Academic Session  of 2017 -  2018 

It  is  notified   to the  Principals / Teachers-in-Charge / Officers-in-Charge,  of all Degree Colleges, affiliated to  the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University   that the following   dates have been decided  for Online Admission to  and commencement of 1st year General  and Honours  Course and Self Financed Course  for the Academic Session  of 2017 -  2018.

  1. Online Admission Forms to be issued by the Colleges: 05.06.2017
  2. Last date of Online Admission Form fill up: 13.06.2017
  3. Last date of Online Admission Payment (through Bank Challan): 15.06.2017
  4. Publication of Provisional Merit List: 17.06.2017
  5. Publication of Provisional Final Merit List: 20.06.2017
  6. Last date of Admission: 10.08.2017
  7. Last Date of Commencement of Classes: 12.08.2017
  8. Registration (without fine): 11.09.2017
  9. Registration (with fine): 18.09.2017

10.  Whenever a student is admitted to a College or the University for the first time he shall forward to the Registrar through the Principal an apperception for registration as a student of the University unless his name has already been so registered.   Every such application shall be submitted within one month of the date of admission of the student to the College or the University.

11.  Last date of submission of Registration Forms to the Office of the Registrar is 25.09.2017   (All information    and guidelines,   related to filling    in and submission of Registration Forms  will  be  informed  to the  Principals / Teachers-in-Charge / Officers-in-Charge of all  Degree  Colleges  affiliated    to  the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University by the Registrar, Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University accordingly).

Attention of the Colleges is also drawn to the following points:

a.     Intake  in  the number    of students  in  General and   Honours courses  shall  not exceed  the specified   number  as approved   by the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University  from  time to time.    In case of any violation, the University   shall take appropriate   action   as deemed fit. Registrations, of all students   who have been admitted, exceeding the approved intake of the University shall be automatically cancelled   in order of their dates of admission the respective Colleges.                                                                                                                                              

b.     No  Admission   shall   take  place  after  expiry   of  the  Last  date  of  Admission    as  per  this  notification.

Registration of all candidates   who have been admitted after expiry of the last date of admission   shall be automatically   cancelled.   Requests for extension of the Last date of Admission    after the expiry date shall not be entertained by the University under any circumstances.

c. i) A student may be admitted to B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.  three years  Degree Course (Honours  / General) after passing the Higher Secondary  Examination   in the general stream conducted by the West Bengal  Council  of Higher Secondary  Education  in (10 + 2) pattern after a period of  12 years of study or examinations conducted by Indian  School  Certificate   (ISC) or Central   Board  of  Secondary   Education   (CBSE)  or any   Other Board recognized as equivalent  by the University   provided   he/she   has  passed in at least  four subjects with English as   Compulsory    Subject,   excluding    Environmental  Studies/Environmental   Science  /  Environmental Education.

ii) Eligibility for Admission:

Students who have passed the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) conducted by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (W.B.C.H.S.E.) after a period of 12 years study or any other equivalent (10+2) pattern examination conducted by the I.S.C. or C.B.S.E. or any other Board recognized as equivalent by the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University, provided the student has passed in at least four subjects with English as Compulsory Subject, excluding Environmental Studies/Environmental Education. Those students who have obtained either (i) 55% marks in the aggregate or (ii) 50% marks in the aggregate with 60% marks in the subject in the qualifying examinations shall be eligible to apply for admission to Honours in the subject concerned in general categories. However, the above criterion reduces to (i) 50% marks in the aggregate or (ii) 45% marks in the aggregate with 60% marks in the subject in the qualifying examinations shall be eligible to apply for admission to Honours in the subject concerned in SC/ST categories. We also preserve the admission facilities for the students belonging to OBC-A and OBC-B categories.

For all laboratory based subjects, the student must have passed in that subject at 10+2 level, if that subject exists in the HS subjects list, or equivalent subject if it does not exist in the HS list of subjects , as per existing NBU admission guidelines.

Reservation   of Seats   for admission      into B.A. /B.Sc.   / B.Com.   (Honours and General) Courses for SC / ST / OBC and persons with disabilities are to be maintained   as per the relevant G.O.'s.    (3% Reservation of Seats for persons with disabilities   vide G.O. No.  ED-340/2012 Dt.  Kolkata, the 4th July, 2012).

As per G.O.   No.  WB(part -  i)/98/SAR-354  dated Tuesday,   September,   1995 order and notifications   by the Governor of West  Bengal   I Government of West  Bengal  Schedule    caste and Tribes  welfare  Department,   Writers   Building, Calcutta   -  1         "For admission to the Course B.A.  (Hons.) B.Sc.  (Hons.),  B.Com. (Hons.) SC or ST candidates getting  admission  should  have in the previous examinations qualifying  marks  which  are not  lower  by more than 25% from the marks  obtained, by the last candidate  of the general  category.  The candidates included in the general merit list will not be counted towards these reserved quotas."

Colleges shall  fix-up  year  wise  target of increase  of intake  of OBC "A"  OBC "B"  in such  a manner  that  the total  mandatory  increase  of seats  is achieved  within  a maximum  period  of six  years  beginning  with  the academic  session  2016-2017 and then shall continue in the same manner.

The provisions of this Act (Reservation in Admission) shall not apply to:

(i)           OBC-A and OBC-B students to creamy layer of the Society,

(ii)          A minority Educational Institution based on religion or language,

Admission   to all Honours   Course   will be based strictly on merit. Merit shall   be calculated as per the following formula.

                            Merit= 2S+T/6

T= marks obtained   in English + marks obtained in the subject opted for Honours   + best marks of other two subjects

[Excluding EVS, the subject   opted for Honours   and English].

S= marks obtained   in the subject opted for Honours.

If the candidate   does not  have  the specific subject opted for Honours in  his / her previous  Course,  the  procedure   for Merit  Calculation  will  be as follows,

Merit =T1/4

T1=marks obtained   in English+    best of other three subjects excluding   EVS.

This   procedure is also applicable   in case of General Course.

A single   Merit   List   is to be prepared for a single type of programme.

Henceforth    no  change  of subjects,   and change  from  General  to  Honours  Category   and  vice  versa  shall  be granted   after   the   filling   in  the   Registration    forms,    by  the  candidates    of  the  respective    Colleges.    Any change undertaken by the Colleges,   in this matter shall indicate violation of University    Statute, Regulation,    Rules,   Guidelines and Circulars etc. on the part of the Colleges.

Further resolved   that Colleges shall offer subjects   for which it has adequate number of Teacher(s) as per UGC and University norms. All Colleges shall have to ensure adequate   infrastructural   facilities for all its examinees   appearing from the respective Centres (Colleges).

The Council also  resolved that  "all  students  of Higher Secondary  (Vocational)  Course [X + 2 levels]  will be treated as  equivalent with the course curriculum and  syllabus   of the   West Bengal  Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) w.e.f.   the session 2009 - 2010".    Such   students   shall   be admitted only in the 1st year General Course of B.A. /B.Sc. /      B.Com.                                                                                                                     

Applications   seeking permission   for admissions     by any candidate    to any college affiliated to the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University after the last date of admission   shall not be entertained    by the University Authorities   under any   circumstances.     Principals / Teachers-in-Charge / Officers-in-Charge,     are further   requested   not to forward any applications    to the University Authorities    of any such candidates seeking   admission    to any College.

Principals / Teachers-in-Charge / Officers-in-Charge   of all Degree   Colleges   affiliated    to the Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University   are   requested   to strictly   adhere to the above mentioned stipulations.




*The aforementioned dates are liable to be changed as per Directives of the appropriate authority of the University.



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